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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas before Thanksgiving?

I have had the Christmas bug for a few weeks now. It's coming a little early for me because I'm typically a firm believer in no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving. I just called the ranch where Nick and I are planning to go Christmas tree cutting this year and asked about bringing the pup on Friday. Although dogs are allowed, she recommended we come before Friday because of how packed they will be that day. EKK. Does that mean we will be cutting our tree down...gasp...before Thanksgiving?! Not sure Nick and I can make it up any earlier than when we were planning, but perhaps we'll give it a thought. Most of our Christmas decorations were purchased the day after Christmas last year when everything was 50% off, so I'm excited to use some things that have been packed up for almost a year now. Think Nick will be interested in Christmas decorating when he gets home from work?! I suppose we'll see. We'll post some pictures once we're all finished! For now, here are pictures of Christmas past.

Dad and Kira's Christmas tree in Ohio 2005
Christmas 2005 in Ohio
Christmas 2006 in Nick's barracks in Germany
Christmas in the barracks after I arrived!
UNC OR Christmas Party 2007 in North Carolina
Christmas 2007 in our North Carolina apartment
Christmas 2008 in Las Vegas - the view from our room at the Bellagio
Christmas morning in the Bellagio 2008
Room service Christmas morning 2008
Christmas 2009 in Colorado
Christmas tree 2009
I guess I didn't realize how transplanted we've been since we met...five Christmases in four different states and two different countries. I'm looking forward to many years here in Loveland making our own annual traditions. What are your Christmas traditions? What do you look forward to most this time of year?


  1. We are taking our pup to cut down our christmas tree this year too, trying to start awesome family traditions that we'll be able to carry on with our family. I can't wait to be sending gifts to my little niece/nephew baby mortellite for christmas in the next year or two! That's a tradition I am SUPER excited for!

  2. Loved the pictures and I don't think it is too early for a tree. I am sure Duke will pick a good one! Wish I could get one up too! The holidays go far too quickly and I love to enjoy looking at the tree and all of the old and some new ornaments. Don't forget to put up the "Bosnia tree" too! ;-)