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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How $750 Becomes $1500

We are super excited that we received an adoption grant from a local northern Colorado organization, Kids for Kyla! We received a $750 matching grant, meaning they will match dollar for dollar what we fundraise through April 1, 2012 up to $750. Therefore, any donations we receive for the next month will be doubled! They are a non-profit organization, meaning all your donations are also tax deductible. If you're interested in helping us reach our $750 goal, please send all donations to:

Kids for Kyla
PO Box 336904
Greeley, CO 80633

The checks should be made out to Kids for Kyla with "Mortellite" in the memo. This part is very important for it to count towards our funds. We're trying to keep track of where we are with the $750, so if you make a donation, drop us a line to let us know and so we can properly thank you!

We are so thankful for organizations like Kids for Kyla that help make adoption a reality for families like us and for people like you willing to walk alongside us in this journey.

Kids for Kyla

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Since saving up for the adoption, it's pretty impossible to treat yourself to anything. A meal out, a pedicure, even a much needed doctor's appointment that you know insurance won't cover. Here's a cool thing, though: I work at a really great place. We have chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and of course, me as the physical therapist. The benefit of this awesome crew, other than having some great minds to bounce things off of, is that everyone wants to make sure you're feeling good. And if you're not, there's a good chance one of them can help fix the problem. So one of the perks of my job is that we can utilize each others services! What does this mean? I'm getting a MASSAGE and I can't wait. My muscles are shivering in fear of what she's going to do to them, but the rest of me is pretty excited. Here's to taking a few moments to take care of yourself in this crazy journey.

Any ideas on treating yourself on a budget?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Okay, so I'm just not interested in pretty much any aspect of the single life anymore. I realize this because the Mrs. just went to Chicago for a conference and left me here with the pup for a few days. At first it may have sounded cool. A boy and his dog...I get a soda...he gets a pig ear...what could be better? We can eat what we want and sleep when we want with no concern for anything but squirrels in the backyard and whatever game happens to be on TV. Ah the good life.

Well the first day driving home from work was weird because it felt like the only reason I was even going home was because the dog was there and needed to be fed. (Not that I had anywhere else pressing to be) And so it began, bachelorhood at the Mortellite household. I sat around on the couch or went down to exercise while I put the pup on the treadmill. Cereal for dinner, cereal for breakfast, and maybe a sandwich for lunch. Boy were we party animals!! So lame. Falling asleep on the couch isn't as glamorous as it sounds when there's a 66 pound dog all up in your business. The alternative is a big empty bed, which is also mostly taken up by the pooch, but after a few hours on the sofa the bed calls and I answer.

This trend continued for the entire time Kelly was gone and I got more and more bored as the days dragged on. What I find hilarious about this is that since the extra hours of work, fundraising, and other adoption related shenanigans began, it's the same trend that Kelly and I have had for a while now. The big difference is that when Kelly's around, I'm not bored!! So the idea of a night out might sound good to most people, but the idea of a night in with my wife sounds just fine to me.

I guess I just happen to enjoy the lame life, as long as I'm being lame with my Mrs.

EDITORS NOTE: Is my husband calling me lame here?! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a week!

It can't seriously only be Tuesday, right?! Wow. I'm working tomorrow and headed straight for the airport to hop on a plane to Chicago! One of the perks of being a physical therapist is that our association certainly knows how to pick locations for their annual national Combined Sections Meeting, bringing together thousands of enthusiastic PTs ready to learn about the latest and greatest. The last three years this meeting has taken me to New Orleans, San Diego and Las Vegas and I have so great memories from each city. 

On top of loving the chance to hear sessions from the leading physical therapists in the nation and learning new techniques to integrate into my practice, this conference is a chance for me to reconnect with my friends from Duke. We shared a lot in our three years during PT school and it is so refreshing to spend some great quality time with them.

Other than the fact that I've never been to Chicago and am looking forward to visiting the city, one of my very best friends, Allie, lives there! I'll be staying with her and soaking up every moment I get to see her. She is one of the people that just gets me and who I love so, so dearly. She asked me what I wanted to do in Chicago while I was there. Other than hearing about how amazing these are:

I will also be checking out this and snapping my photo for me you all to enjoy!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Isn't that something?

I'm an early bird when it comes to taxes. I check mail eagerly in January counting all the tax documents that come in the mail and checking them off my mental list of haves and don't haves. We got our final tax document on January 30 (sheesh, took long enough!) and as of tonight, our taxes are done. What can I say? When we found out the results, I cried. Nick kung-fu-kicked ice off the Jeep once we were outside.


Here's the frustrating part. Well, there are a few of them, actually. The first: you are only allowed to claim $2500 on student loan interest per return. That, my friends, is only a FRACTION, one tiny fraction, of what we pay towards student loan interest per year (that doesn't even include what is applied towards principle!). Why in the world can we not claim our full amount?! That would substantially reduce our tax liability. 

Here's the other thing...I have spent the last 15 months working 3 jobs, 6-7 days per week to help fund our adoption. I am currently wrapping up my third week working without a day off. I am exhausted. I am a little more snippy than usual. I let many things in my life drop to the wayside to juggle and manage working this much. I'm not saying this for a pity party- I am choosing to do it because I believe our child is worth giving every ounce of everything I have. I attempt to maintain my sanity knowing this is temporary (although the last 15 months has felt anything but temporary). Anyway, back to my point. It feels like a big old kick in the pants.

Are you wondering yet if we owe on taxes or are receiving a refund? Oh friends, we OWE. We owe big time. And I just have a hard time feeling good about working so hard just to pay more.

**Here's my disclaimer: I don't have a problem contributing money to the government or paying taxes. I know, at the root of our U.S. government, we are lucky to have a diplomatic system in place. It just feels pretty crappy to work so hard and feel like you're not moving forward or getting ahead. I also realize I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work multiple jobs and make additional income... This isn't a political debate. All I'm saying is it sucks to owe more money because I put out extra effort.**

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have a TOMS shoe obsession. If you know me, that's not a huge surprise. What WAS a surprise is that when I opened my e-mail tonight and they had this announcement: