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The financial considerations of adoption cause some to take a second thought about bringing a(nother) child into their home. Although it is hard and humbling, we are fundraising to try and bring our child home from Ethiopia. Whether you shop with us, through us, or simply make a generous donation, we are so grateful for your support to bring us a step closer to completing our adoption. Thanks for walking this journey with us!

Most of our fundraising efforts can be found along the sidebar of our blog, but here’s a bit more description of each ongoing effort while you are browsing. Our one time fundraisers will be featured as they come up!

Give1Save1: We are so blessed to the be featured family over on Give1Save1 for the week of November 27 until the afternoon of December 4. We love Beth Cupitt's vision and are so grateful to be apart of this movement. Head over to Give1Save1 and watch our family video, check out the Simple Language for Adoptive Families Amharic version giveaway and poke around to see all Beth's site has to offer.

T-Shirts: We sell men’s and women’s Simply Love t-shirts. The women’s is an indigo, a blue-grey, v-neck and runs about one-two (I’d lean more towards two) sizes small. Men’s t-shirts are a charcoal grey with a lighter grey text. We’ve gotten some great compliments on them and we’d love to have you sporting our shirts around your town! See more information about our t-shirts here!

Just Love Coffee: Ethiopia is known for their coffee. It is said that coffee actually originated in Ethiopia, so what better place to get your coffee from! Just Love Coffee is a great company who allows us to fundraise through a storefront on their webpage. They don’t begin roasting the beans until AFTER you order your coffee. Does it get much fresher than that?! We recommend the Ethiopian Harrar, but also like African Skies.

Donations: Of course, if you feel called to make a donation towards our adoption, we are able to use all the money for the adoption expenses (minus the small PayPal fee, of course).

We are so blessed by you all sharing in this adventure and pray God uses this adoption to continue to expand His kingdom.