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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Okay, so I'm just not interested in pretty much any aspect of the single life anymore. I realize this because the Mrs. just went to Chicago for a conference and left me here with the pup for a few days. At first it may have sounded cool. A boy and his dog...I get a soda...he gets a pig ear...what could be better? We can eat what we want and sleep when we want with no concern for anything but squirrels in the backyard and whatever game happens to be on TV. Ah the good life.

Well the first day driving home from work was weird because it felt like the only reason I was even going home was because the dog was there and needed to be fed. (Not that I had anywhere else pressing to be) And so it began, bachelorhood at the Mortellite household. I sat around on the couch or went down to exercise while I put the pup on the treadmill. Cereal for dinner, cereal for breakfast, and maybe a sandwich for lunch. Boy were we party animals!! So lame. Falling asleep on the couch isn't as glamorous as it sounds when there's a 66 pound dog all up in your business. The alternative is a big empty bed, which is also mostly taken up by the pooch, but after a few hours on the sofa the bed calls and I answer.

This trend continued for the entire time Kelly was gone and I got more and more bored as the days dragged on. What I find hilarious about this is that since the extra hours of work, fundraising, and other adoption related shenanigans began, it's the same trend that Kelly and I have had for a while now. The big difference is that when Kelly's around, I'm not bored!! So the idea of a night out might sound good to most people, but the idea of a night in with my wife sounds just fine to me.

I guess I just happen to enjoy the lame life, as long as I'm being lame with my Mrs.

EDITORS NOTE: Is my husband calling me lame here?! :)

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