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Thursday, April 14, 2011


The weather in Colorado is incredibly unpredictable. This morning, we woke up to snow. A little on the ground here in Loveland and some more coming down. I got in my car about 5:50 a.m. and headed towards the canyon for my commute to work. As I got further from home, the snow was coming down harder and harder. Literally, you could not see in front of you. It felt like I was in a blizzard. I saw the plows, pulled over, because they couldn't see either. They couldn't have kept up with the falling snow anyway. A school bus pulled over. It was the closest I have been to turning around myself and heading home to call in and say I couldn't make it up the canyon. The deciding factor to keep going? The fact that even if I turned around, I would have to drive it in anyway to get back home. So I kept going. Some areas I passed had only six or so inches; some, had much more. This evening as I left work about 12 hours later, you know what? The sun was shining, the roads were not only clear but also DRY and there was no evidence on the ground that the snow had ever fallen in the canyon earlier that morning. It's well known that Colorado weather is unpredictable. I think that is why so many people like it. Oh, you don't like the weather right now? Wait five minutes.

Nick and I are still early in our adoption process, and although things are unpredictable, we don't expect them to be yet. We are doing paperwork, going to trainings and preparing as much as possible. None of that seems to make it REAL. Well, things have changed. Things are REAL, and we have a very hard, very emotional decision we have to make that will ultimately affect our future. We're not in a place to share details yet, and we don't even have all of them ourselves. We would ask, however, for prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. Prayer for clarity and discernment and peace with an answer. For security and trust, despite all the unknowns and how in the worlds. What we do know (which is less than what we don't), is that our lives are actively changing. It is real.

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  1. omg... sounds exciting and nerve-wracking as well. will be praying for you guys. let me know if i can help. by the way i wore my simply love shirt to work today! a couple of our lady residents complimented it. :)