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Friday, May 6, 2011


Wow, it's amazing what can be accomplished on a warm day off work. I didn't work today because I had a dermatologist appointment for my annual check-up. All is well!

Nick was busy all day preparing for the Northern Colorado River Run for Orphans 5K that happens tomorrow. I made my way through a few of the thrift stores in town looking for a few supplies for our pantry makeover. Unfortunately, I struck out until I made my last stop at one of our favorite stores just down the street from our house. Almosta. We are sad they are going out of business (or "moving on," as they are saying), but that means there are some amazing deals. All barcoded items are 80% off and all other items (including furniture) is 50% off. I found some great old crates that I thought would be perfect but I wanted Nick to make sure he agreed, so we went back when he got home from the final planning meeting. We picked up three that fit in quite nicely. In fact, it motivated me enough to come home and clear out the pantry! Hm....that's a start. But that is as far as I got :) Then we made a quick run to Home Depot to get the final pieces of wood for our new coffee table. We found the plans online and it's a lot cheaper to build our own table than to buy a new one, and if you have seen the coffee table in our living room, well, let's just say it has seen better days!

I'll be spending some time cleaning the pantry and getting things organized to put away, hopefully by the end of the weekend :) Once we (I use "we" loosely, because let's be honest, Nick will be doing all the work!) finish up the coffee table, we're hoping to have a fireplace build on the list. Also on the short list is refinishing the wood floors! Although the pattern of our 1922 wood floors is BEAUTIFUL, we recommend people keep their shoes on while walking around because as we can say from experience, splinters are pretty prevalent. 

We have some small landscaping plans on the horizon, too. Although we're on a tight budget for all these little projects, there are a few things we want to straighten up and get taken care of in the house before we have any additions of a little one from Ethiopia! Glad the nice weather has given us a little kick start around here!

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