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Friday, December 17, 2010

Destination: Ethiopia!

We cannot believe it's actually happening, but we are returning to Ethiopia...together!!!! I think the part that makes it official are the fact that the plane tickets that have already been booked. We leave the US on February 12, arriving in Ethiopia February 13. We're spending the first seven days in Dahley with the sweet Baer Family. We are going to be assisting with the distribution of 1,000 pairs of shoes to school children in this rural community and helping out wherever we can. We're then heading into the city of Addis for the remainder of the trip to work in the government orphanages providing physical therapy services, setting up and training caregivers with specific equipment and following up with some of the other projects we began on the first trip in 2009.

Although I'm not going to go into details, I am absolutely in awe of God's provision for us and this trip. It wasn't long after I returned from my first trip in Ethiopia that I knew I would hopefully be returning with some additional equipment and to provide more training to the caregivers. Nick has been such a support for me during the times when I was doubting what I thought we had been called to do. Literally, this story is one of absolute FAITH and trust. There is absolutely no way whatsoever things could have come together without God's hand being in every single step. All this just makes me excited to get further into the adoption process because we really believe all this is in our story, as well. More details to come about our upcoming trip :)

On the adoption front- Nick and I are getting close to being finished with our first round of paperwork for our homestudy agency! We are really excited!

Heading back to all these beautiful faces soon!


  1. Way to go, Kelly and Nick. You are such positive forces in the universe. One little good deed creates many ripples that spread out and affect so much more than we know, and you guys are doing some big good. Many ripples of goodness for the world.

  2. That's AWESOME news, guys! You get to spend Valentines Day in the place that's central to your hearts. <3

  3. yay! the flights are booked! I'm so happy it's official :)

  4. Praise the Lord for His provision and goodness to us! Love you guys.

  5. So very happy for both of you.I know this trip has been something you've wanted to do even while you were still in Ethiopia the first time. As others have said here and I've said many times before, you both are truly doing God's work and are following your heart and purpose. I'm sure your friends in Ethiopia are really looking forward to your return, Kelly, and meeting Nick. My love and best to both of you. God is with you always and things are unfolding just as they are supposed to...Love, Mom