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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prayer Warriors

This adoption process, although Nick and I have yet to hit the real tough period, opens your eyes to so many new things. You are able to relate to others you have never met through the blogging world and feel a sense of connection because you share an experience that some can't relate to.

There is a family who is in the process of adopting a boy from Russia who is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. They have had a hard road to begin with, having lost the referral of another boy, but they did not allow that to deter them. In fact, they allowed it to create more blessings in their life. They recently had a court date and the judge rejected their adoption, stating this child was "not socially adaptable" because of his "medical condition." If you have followed Nick and I before, you know that my heart is with the children in Kebeb Tsehay in Ethiopia, particularly all the children that have disabilities. I adore them and advocate for them. I believe with everything in me that those children would THRIVE in an home environment with a family unit. This family is appealing the judge's decision and are asking for help. Please PRAY for this family. Pray for a favorable decision from their appeal. The boy who they consider their son, Kirill, deserves a family just like any "typical" child. By the way, the judge said they would approve an adoption for this family for a "typical" child. But not for a child with Down Syndrome.

Go check out their blog to read about their story. Share their story. Pray for their family. They deserve all the support they can get right now.

Our Eyes Opened 


  1. I will keep this family in my prayers.I always think we can connect with people who share our passion, our pain, our experiences. It really doesn't matter if we know a person or if they are from the same part of the world or really share any other things in common with us. Something brings us together and that bond is a true spiritual connection. Sometimes I wish there were more things to bring all of us together and there would be less division and less hate in the world. It's appalling to me that any judge or any person would try to define what a "typical" child is and cast out some that may not fit his/her definition. I had thought/hoped anyway that we had come further than that as a society.I continue to think and pray for you and Nick, Kelly. Be assured this family will be added to this list and I will pass your prayer request along. You will provide a wonderful home for a child(ren) and they will definitely thrive in your care. Take good care.

  2. Kelly and Nick, I will pray for this family. The judge should be glad a family WANTS a special child to blend into theirs. I am happy for you on your quest to adopt a child from a country you have a passion for. That will make all the difference to the child. I will keep you in my prayers.