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Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're home, we're sick and it's Nick's birthday!

Ekk, we've been home exactly one week now. And we are both sick. Different kinds of sick- Nick has a cough and some respiratory issues, I have some of that lingering with a weird spinning, vertigo-but-not-really-vertigo sensation that has made me pretty useless on and off this past week. I'm hoping to be having the final appointment with the doctor on Monday with some sort of answer.

More importantly than all that, though, is that it is Nick's birthday today! YAYYYYY! I really love birthdays and although I'm feeling pretty much in the dumps, I've tried to still make him have a few special days because he definitely plans my birthday out for what seems like weeks (and I am certainly not complaining, it's like all of my favorite things shoved into a week...wondering how he is going to throw a trip to Ethiopia in this year! :) ). I think he's had a good time and tonight will likely be filled with some couch and movie time. Nick is a wonderful husband, a wonderful man and I am still in awe that we had the opportunity to experience Ethiopia together. We definitely feel connected from our trip and are unpacking what it all will mean for us and our lives.

Nick and I are absolutely still processing everything from our trip. We had emotional highs and lows, life changing experiences for the good and were broken from seeing sinful human nature. We have some (possibly many!) more blog posts and of course PICTURES to post about our trip. I'm not sure when we'll be at that place to describe things that feel so indescribable, like I absolutely don't have the words to truly explain what we saw. Hopefully Nick is feeling more comfortable with his words than I am :) What I do know is that we love Ethiopia, we love the people and feel like there will be life-long ties for us with this amazing country.

Walking down Entoto Mountain together.
This little one has a VERY special place in my heart.
Nick will be Nick wherever he is :)

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  1. So glad you're home!! So sorry you're sick. And, happy it's Nick's birthday!! Happy birthday, Nick!! I am so looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing your photos. Is the special little girl in the photo with you the one you met on your last trip that you've held in your heart? I just tried to call you...wondering how you're feeling now..any better? Talk with you soon. Much love, Mom