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Friday, August 12, 2011


Blog? What blog? We have a blog?! OH YES. Hi there. Thanks for joining us :) So here's what happens...I blog with semi-frequency, drop off, come back, apologize. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Here's the plan for the evening. I'm going to update you on two months of our lives in pictures. Then we'll call it good, good?

Aside from working all.the.time. Here's what we've been up to...

We celebrated my birthday!

Nick drove up to Estes to have lunch with me. We sat at the lake and watched the Elk.

We got married! Well, four years ago.

We're still just as excited :)

Love our wedding party

Duke went on a play date to visit his mom, Bella, and his brother, Uller.

Flowers from a tree in our backyard

Late Spring!


I painted a flower pot purple

Nick did a LOT of hiking...I joined in when I was off work!

We made a special trip up in RMNP to check out the record 23 foot snow on Trail Ridge Road

More snow

Yes, I still take pictures of the wildlife

I live here! Well, not HERE. Close by.

Ralph came to visit Nick (and me, right?! :) )

Horsetooth Reservoir

Ralph and Nick's hike up to Emerald Lake

Friends for a LONG time

I made it up, too! Nick's dad and Bobbi came to visit

Devil's Backbone hike

Nick's mom came to visit...still need to include pics from our South Dakota trip!

The Clydesdales at Budweiser

Mount Evans above 14,000 feet

View from Mount Evans

Nick and my brother had the chance to check out a drag race in Denver

They were loud...and fast

Our landscaping got an overhaul! My mom came to visit and as a present, she re-did our entire yard

Still working on the edging

Love these flowers

Backyard flowers

Can't believe how much these have all grown!

Vegetable and herb garden

Still waiting on our oranges from the dwarf orange tree

We just finished Dave Ramsey's FPU course

...and now my wallet looks like this!

Nick's mom gave us a Groupon for Green Buffalo...we loved having fresh fruits and veggies delivered!


Colorful carrots!

AND here it is. Most of the toys we are selling at the Forever Trendy Consignment sale this weekend

Clothing for the consignment sale!

Had enough?! Me too! It's only taken me three days to upload all these pictures in between projects. Hopefully (?) I'll be updating more frequently! The only thing I have left is our trip to South Dakota!

We'll be spending the weekend at the Forever Trendy Kids Consignment Sale in the Greeley Mall. Come stop by our Just Love booth where we'll have t-shirts, Ethiopian scarves, Ethiopian coffee and cake pops by Colie's Cakes! Hope to see some of you!

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