life as we know it

Monday, August 22, 2011

Not a Coincidence.

We got some positive adoption news today that things are moving in a positive direction for us in Ethiopia. We've been waiting for some of this news for months and it feels refreshing; my smile is big.

Along with positive has come some negative. Our basement flooded. We're working on drying things out so we can assess the full damage. 

We believe in spiritual warfare. Know what spiritual warfare can mean? That we're getting closer. And we believe that. Despite the fact that one of these was flowing into our basement all night:

And now it looks like this:

With Nick doing a lot of this:

Filling up a lot of these:

We'll be pulling up the carpet once we've sucked as much water out as we can and praying everything can be salvaged.

Either way, I'm saying bring on the storm. It means we're moving in the right direction.