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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friends, Part 2

Can I do a post called Friends, part 2, even if they don't have much to do with each other? Other than the friend part, of course.

This weekend, Nick and I had two of my very best friends visit us here in Colorado. Keri, Cindi and I have been friends since our Kappa days at UC. Bid night back in September 2002, I called Keri to see if she was going to the event that night and the rest is history. Cindi and I lived together in my first-ever APT my sophomore year of college and again my junior year in Kappa. They are the kind of friends who tell it to you straight and love you no matter what. I needed them this weekend to listen and let me cry, and even more so to let me laugh. They are the type of friends who you pick back up with immediately no matter how long it had been since you have seen them last (and it had been a long time! I think back at Cindi's wedding in 2008!). I miss them dearly but so appreciate their friendship and love. Oh, and this Colorado trip? Going to be an annual thing. I'm pretty pumped. Here's our weekend in (a lot) of pictures!

We made fused glass trays to remember the trip

A little hiking at Devil's Backbone in Loveland

Reds versus Rockies baseball game!

Keri made her first smore in our backyard

She REALLY loved our dog :)

Hiking in RMNP (that's for you, Keri!)

Stunning weather

Overlooking Nymph Lake

Nick joined us once he found a parking spot (and I made him run around the lake by accident). Cindi was pumped he caught up!

Dream Lake

Nick and Cindi slid down some of the remaining snow. Apparentlythey moved faster than they expected!

And of course we wrapped up with a little Elk viewing

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