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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Although I'm Irish, I've never been really into celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I am always the one who forgets to wear green and who ends up getting pinched, which I just think is really annoying (sorry if you're one of those people that finds delight in pinching those of us who did not don something green as we dressed in the morning). 

Here's the luck of this Irish girl - I had to work today. But what's new; I work pretty much every day. That was my excuse for not wearing's definitely our dress code's fault for being khaki pants and blue shirts. I did, however, put on a green tank under the t-shirt I changed into once I got home. I also celebrated by having a green beer. That may have been my first green beer ever, and it was pretty nice because the weather has been so absolutely gorgeous it's nice to sit back and relax and enjoy.


How do all of you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Any inspiration for me? As I asked someone at work today if she was Irish, she responded with, "everyone is Irish today!" Doesn't that seem to be the truth?

P.S. Can someone please explain to me how they turn the river in Chicago green? That is absolutely amazing to me!

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  1. Irish or not (I'm not), any holiday that centers around drinking green liquid, acting a fool, and then ejecting green vomit is not for me. In NYC, people FLIP OUT over St. Patty's and it makes me want to retreat farther into Brooklyn (AWAY from Manhattan), and hide at a bar that no one knows about. Which is exactly what I did.

    Miss you!