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Monday, April 16, 2012

It comes to an end...

I've been feeling under the weather so I've been off work for...get this...four days. FOUR.DAYS. I cannot remember the last time I had two days off, let alone four. While I've been on-the-mend, meaning my activity level has been significantly impacted (think move from bed to couch back to bed, with a few forced walks in the backyard because Nick thinks it's important I get up and walk), I've still enjoyed spending more than normal time with husface. He surprised me with a stem of white lilies that smell amazing and a card that says I should have some "kitten noodle soup."

What I have decided, however, is that things come to an end. I'm scheduled to return to work tomorrow, and it reminds me that each season, each scheduled thing, comes to an end. This strikes me today as I read about a family's homecoming of their child from Ethiopia. I got goosebumps knowing this will someday be us. Certainly not today, and not tomorrow, but someday. And that is enough to make the wait worth it. 

Here's the other good news: only a three day work week for me because Nick and I are attending Show Hope's Empowered to Connect Conference with Karyn Purvis. You maybe remember that we've attended before, last year, but that's the fun thing about this international adoption thing: we have the opportunity to attend annual events multiple times, because it takes just that long :) We're looking forward to soaking up everything we missed last time!

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