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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dream a little dream

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I haven't been sleeping very well this past week. Last night as I was tossing and turning, apparently I drifted off into a deep enough sleep to dream. A dream that I remember vividly, that has made Nick laugh and has left me perplexed and confused.

Right now in our adoption, we are waiting. Waiting for the official referral of our precious little one, although we technically know her already. So last night, I had a dream that although our adoption agency hadn't given us the referral, we got a call from another agency that said our daughter was in the US and ready for adoption! I was confused because not only had we not received the referral, we still had a balance for the cost of our adoption and for some reason she was here, meaning we didn't need to travel to Ethiopia for the adoption once, let alone twice like we will actually have to (once for Ethiopian court, the second time for US Embassy and to bring her home!). Because of the surprise, I hadn't prepared anything. Her room wasn't ready, I hadn't coordinated my time off work yet, but what do you do? You roll with it! And apparently, one of the first things we did with her was go to Home Depot. What was I thinking in this dream? Maybe I was letting her pick the paint color for her room?

In my dream, she was a teenager, practically an adult. She was taller than me and spoke perfect English. I was so confused, had it really taken this long to complete the adoption? Well the answer is yes and no. We know our daughter is probably about five years old and that, at least a year ago, she is shorter than me :) But it sure does feel like it takes that long.

Whew, adoption timeline on the brain lately. Can't wait for this phase of constantly obsessing over how much longer to be over, but I'm actually wondering if it just gets worse from here on out. (If you know that it does for sure, please don't actually confirm this for me. Leave me delusional for a little while longer)

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  1. This may sound backward (because, well, it IS), but I find it's easier to look at the adoption process in retrospect. Instead of thinking, "we have at least 5 more months until we get a referral" or "Gosh, I hope she's home by Christmas", I think "We've been on the waiting list for XX months...that wasn't so bad. I can do another month." I try to focus on what we've gotten through already instead of what I want to happen TOMORROW.