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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Marathon

No, I am not running a marathon. Nor do I think I will ever. It's not one of those bucket list things for me. Although I'm not technically going 26.2 miles, I feel like I'm in the midst of a marathon. I've been working A LOT. As much as I possibly can. We do feel like it's made a difference, at least. But I'm also sick right now. I came down with a cold? flu? Not sure, but I've been pretty miserable for the last week. I am making it, though, and just continue to remind myself this is partly temporary. There is a bigger goal here that Nick and I are working towards with this adoption and it will be SO worth it. I am excited about the days that I will look back and think I would do this one hundred times over to be where we will.

I've realized recently I need to clarify our upcoming trip! We will NOT be traveling to meet the child we'll be adopting. This trip actually has nothing to do with our adoption. We're still far off from any travel dates, let alone a referral. We are going there for my second trip volunteering as a physical therapist with Superkids. My first trip was May-July 2009 and I kept a blog while I was there. Catch up with the old adventures here. It was an amazing adventure, life-changing (although I don't think I fully grasped that at that time) one that I will never forget. Since I returned, I have felt like there was one more trip I was supposed to make. I am overwhelmingly excited about this trip. I am SO appreciative that I will share the experience with my husband this time. We are leaving from D.C. February 12 with equipment, supplies and high hopes for what we'll be able to do while we're there. We'll return to States on March 6 and we'll hit the ground running once again when we're home.

Of course we'll be trying to blog while we're there, although we know the first week will be off the grid for sure. The last two weeks may be more stable as far as internet connection so I'm sure we'll have a lot to share. There are five of us going, including our most recent addition. One of my best friends from college was so hoping to join us in Ethiopia when we started talking about the trip. She was excited about the possibility but couldn't commit because of work. She has recently accepted a job with a new company and worked it so she has those three weeks off. Because everything is happening so fast with her trip, she is doing some fundraising. Go check out her website and support her trip. I love her and think she is going to have so much to offer while we're in Ethiopia.

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