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Friday, January 28, 2011

RIP seed stitch block

Today was a sad day to be my knitting needles and my most recent project-in-progress. I've been learning to knit for maybe a month now and I'm really enjoying it. One of my friends is kind of my knitting mentor and for Christmas she bought me my first set of needles. They were wooden, 8s and I just really loved them. Last night was the first time I pulled them out because I've been working with 10s since I have a tendency to knit so tightly. I went to a group knitting class thing where we'll be meeting once every other month. Each meeting we'll be doing a different block- seed stitch was last nights. So knit, purl, knit make a 9"x9" square. We make four blocks of each stitch in our free time. At the end of the year, we'll be putting all the blocks together to make a blanket. Sounds fun, so I'm in.

I just learned how to purl stitch this week. I also had to youtube some videos to refresh my casting on and binding off skills (actually, I haven't finished a project yet, so I had to learn to bind off. Not a real hard concept, though). I got home from the group and was really excited to show Nick my block. It was pretty. I choose a silvery-grey yarn that was really soft.

I went to work this morning like any other Friday morning. After lunch, I got a text message from Nick. He informed me that Duke had decided to use my knitting needles as a toy. Or more like a snack. I was so sad. Nick was so mad he didn't even pick it up off the floor so when I got home, I got to see for myself. My knitting needles were shredding on the floor and the entire skein of yarn was a tangled mess. The block I had made was still somewhat intact but definitely not salvageable. Sigh. Starting over. Once I go get some more needles. And yarn. And sometime before I leave for Ethiopia. Which oh, by the way, is only 15 days!

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  1. Such a sad story!!! We'll make up for it in Eth! :) COUNTING DOWN!