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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm really not an angry person. In fact, I typically think that being angry longer than a minute is a waste of energy. I have a hard time recalling when I was last REALLY angry at someone or about something. 

I was in the car today driving home from work listening to the radio. I heard something that was SO relevant to some things going on in my life right now. It was almost spooky and I couldn't help but think it could only be a God thing. I started processing through what it all meant and how it was affecting my life right now. And I got ANGRY. I was so angry at Satan for attempting, and sometimes being successful, to pull a cover over my eyes and take me into his darkness. Angry for the cloudiness that Satan infiltrates in our decision making trying to pull us from the path God has laid for us. My prayer was simple: God, I TRUST you. Bring me into your light. I TRUST YOU.

I continue this prayer and hope it's one that will remain in the forefront of my mind, through not only the hard seasons of life, but with the good ones, too.

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