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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today was the day to head further into Dahley and set up for the
largest distribution of shoes. It took no time to get all the sizes
lined up considering we’ve been doing it all week, so we spent the
rest of the morning playing soccer, hackey sack and sitting around
with the kids. It’s kind of amazing that even after hours of being
around, they still can be mesmerized by staring at us. Dahley is in
the Oromo region of Ethiopia which means a new language apart from
Amharic for us. We learned basic Oromo words from some of the children
and teachers and now Nick is beginning to get the two languages mixed
up when he’s trying to think about them.

Tom drove us outside of Tafo, away from the city to a small line of
pottery stands next to the street. Between the five of us, we bought
something from each family because it was so cheap and we just wanted
to evenly distribute the income if we can. Nick picked up something he
really likes and we also have something we have no idea what we’ll do
with, but it was more of the principle for us. One of you lucky
readers may just be inheriting a lovely piece of clay pottery when we
get back home! :)

Dinner tonight was at the purple restaurant and although we had a hard
time ordering, we got for the most part what we ordered. Nick and I
both had scrambled eggs and mine came with bread while his came with
injera. The eggs seem to have more flavor than ours in the States and
I’m not sure why.

It’s weird to think that tonight is our last night here. Our lives out
here have been completely different than they will be once we’re in
the city. Our guest house is, as I’ve said before, in my old
neighborhood so it shouldn’t take me long to pick things back up of
how to get where we need to. The biggest thing is figuring out how
much it should cost us per taxi ride because I know taxi drivers are
sometimes looking to take advantage of us since we don’t speak Amharic
well, so as long as I get that down, we should be okay. I’ve enjoyed
the quieter side of live in Ethiopia but am looking forward to getting
some of the Kebebtsehay projects going. My first mission is just
really to check out the environments and kids themselves to see where
things are today so I have a good idea of what the needs are. Tomorrow
Tom is taking us into town and we’re heading to Kechene, Kebebtsehay
and the Merkato for a few supplies. It will likely be a pretty busy
day and something I’ve been looking forward to since I left Ethiopia
in 2009. I really don’t know what to expect because from what I’ve
heard, things have significantly changed. There is a new building at
Kebebtsehay, a lot more kids at each orphanage and most of the kids I
knew have gone to different places. I’m not sure how I’ll process it
all once I’m in the environment, but I’m excited either way.

Since we’re checking into the guest house tomorrow, we should
theoretically have internet! Who knows how reliable it will be, but at
least internet will be much more accessible once we’re in the city. If
you are still reading this (by the way, 8 pages later), I commend your
endurance to get all the way through! I realize I haven’t put a lot of
emotion into anything yet but I’ve felt more like this was just to
keep up with what we’ve been doing. Perhaps as I’m able to post more
frequently I’ll be able to better describe what I’m feeling as opposed
to just what we’ve been doing. Time is going quickly but we’re not
close to the end, so it’s not something I’ve thought too much about
yet. Next time you hear from me, I will be set up in the city. Looking
forward to it!


  1. It's so good to read your new post and to hear about what all you've been doing. I'm sure there's a lot of emotion. It may take awhile for all of it to sink in. You are being thought about, prayed for, and very much loved and missed back here. Will you get to see some of the adults that you got to know the other time you were in Ethiopia? I hope you get to see some of the children who touched your life (and you touched their's). I will look forward to more emails and blog posts. Do take good care and be safe. I look so forward to hearing about all of your experiences. My love to you and Nick.

  2. Hey guys im hooked now ! and i havent shipped Nicks stuff home yet im just gonna wait awhile. The hard drive im alil worried about someone left it in the car overnight in the nice winter weather ............But i think its ok its a HARD drive after all. you guys are an inspiration keep truck'n and tell nick his pS3 is here!!! yippeeeeeee! OH sorry ya not supposed to know that yet Kelly! so dont read this! love you guys!

  3. hey guys!! So happy to read your postings and know that you are both doing well and spreading the love... I can't wait to hear the stories and see the new pics as they are posted!! Stay strong and know that we are with you at least in spirit, I wish I was THERE PHYSICALLY!!! Keep the updates coming, I want pictures of my new niece!!!! Love you both, can't wait to come out to Colorado... spring break??? : )