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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Long distance blues

Nick and I know how to make long distance work. We just recently passed the milestone of being together longer than we have spent apart during our relationship. From deployments in the military to Las Vegas internships and my first trip to Ethiopia, time together and time apart were running neck and neck. Just because we are "good" at long distance does not make it our preference. Nick and I learned early on the importance of communication and continuing to allow our relationship to grow despite not being together in person. I learned how important the little things were. To this day, Nick's favorite present I ever gave him was a wooden box filled with 365 bible verses, sayings, quotes, messages and inside jokes to get him through a year of deployment (ha, wouldn't just one year have been nice? Let's be real, the Army time line is always changing). I do think, however, the only reason that is still his favorite present is because I haven't taken him skydiving yet!

I drove Nick to the airport early this morning. He is packed for a week in Ohio with friends and family and three weeks in Ethiopia (try fitting all that into two checked bags!). We will be reuniting in Washington, D.C. next Friday, February 11 for our flight out to Ethiopia on February 12. Because we've spent months and even YEARS apart (yes, we did see each other for a few days-a week every 3-6 months), I recognize this is a very short time. I suppose I didn't realize how comfortable we have become spending time together. I love this about us. There really is nobody else I love hanging out with more, although we do appreciate great company together with our friends! It is weird being home without him. I swear the dog notices. And even though I have plenty to do, I still seem to be wondering what the heck to do with myself! I think the feeling is mutual- he mentioned today that when there is a lull in the conversation, he looks around and wishes I was there. I wish I was there, too. I miss our friends and family in Ohio. And of course all of our favorite foods are in Ohio! MMM, Mio's pizza, Montgomery Inn, Graeter's...the list goes on (and on and on and on). 

Although I won't be seeing Nick for a week, I actually only have a few more days here in Colorado myself. I'm off to New Orleans for an annual physical therapy conference. I'm not sure which I love more- the conference and awesome courses offered or seeing all of my Duke classmates for a reunion (come on, you know it's the reunion, right?!). I have a lot to wrap up, but it does feel nice to have 1/2 the bags packed and off with Nick. Up next (i.e. what I should be doing now)- cleaning and getting the house ready for a month of guests while we're gone!

I have many airport memories from our first few years together!


  1. I feel your pain....long distance is definitely tough. But it's funny how quickly you adjust to being together....I guess that's a good thing! Enjoy your weeks apart (filled with fun things) and then the real adventure begins!

  2. I wish you hadn't cleaned and gotten the house ready for your month of guests! That's the last thing you needed to do before leaving. Duke apparently cried and howled when you and I left for the airport, but then he was reminded that there was someone downstairs and he's been fine ever since. Have a wonderful trip and don't worry about anything back here!

  3. Together again! :) <3 Have an awesome and safe trip. Make some new memories and change some lives. God bless. Much love, Mom