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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I woke up in the middle of the night really hot. It wasn’t long before
I knew I was actually feeling sick and when my alarm went off at 7, I
got out of bed. I have continued to feel hot, feverish and
lightheaded. My throat is sore and it’s hard to swallow and my nose is
stuffy. I feel like I’m allergic to Ethiopia because this same thing
happened last time. My stomach is fine and I don’t feel like I picked
anything up here; more like I picked something up in NOLA or on the
airplane and it’s finally manifesting. Here’s hoping it won’t last

We’re waiting at RoPack for Tom to head over and pick us up for the
second distribution. I’m thinking about taking a nap and hoping I can
sleep some of this sickness off.

Back from distribution number two. Today was another school of younger
children. Everything was set up by the time we arrived because Tom
needed to make two trips; the first with Hayley and shoes and the
second with the four of us. We started with four fitters, one “runner”
(the person who gets the shoe sizes we think we need, which happened
to be Brian), Hayley was writing registration numbers in shoes, and
five Ethiopians helping with registration. Two and a half hours later
and 200 shoes later, all the children in the school and one from the
community who didn’t have shoes were showing off their new kicks. We
were much more efficient and have worked out some of the kinks from
the first distribution which will make creating the plans for future
distributions much easier.

We finished up with some late lunch and headed to the local market. It
was a nice change of pace to check out some different things and Ang
and I both picked up a scarf. We exchanged a little more money and
once we got home (back to RoPack), we took a walk and grabbed a
macchiato. We’re finishing up a few things around the house before we
head to bed and do it all again tomorrow! We’re set for a third
distribution of 400 kids and we’re pretty excited. I realize that I
really haven’t explained very thoroughly the shoe distribution process
and all that goes along with it, so that’s definitely my agenda for
tomorrow (or soon).

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  1. All is well at home, so don't worry about a thing! Duke is perfectly fine and he makes us laugh every day. He's good company and Mom especially appreciated having him here while I was in the hospital (I was stuck there for a whole week).

    I hope you feel better very soon! Can't wait to see all your pictures.