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Monday, January 9, 2012

mitad, anyone?

I'm starting this new cooking project. Haven't told you about it? Go over and see what I have up my sleeves. Go ahead, I'll still be here when you get back...

So what this means is I'm preparing to get my hands dirty making some injera. I've read a lot of injera recipes, scrolled through reviews and saved tons of posts. I narrowed my injera attempts down to two recipes. One incredibly simple, one incredibly difficult. I'll let you know if I think the extra work is worth it. That is, if I can figure how to get this starter going. Sheesh.

See, the second recipe calls for a mitad, in which a lefse grill can be substituted. This all seemed to be coming together well. My mother-in-law got Nick and I a groupon for a local kitchen store. I went down yesterday to ask her about a lefse grill. She told me she'd call the company tomorrow and then let me know pricing. She got back to me, left a message and said I'd be better off ordering it online. I called back anyway, since we have the groupon and all. I asked her multiple times, how much would the lefse grill with the teflon coating and the lid cost? "Uhh, well, I'm not sure." After multiple other studdering responses, she told me she wouldn't accept the groupon on the item, because well, couldn't I understand that it didn't benefit her to accept the groupon? Umm...okay. First time I've heard of a local business a.] not honoring a deal they allowed people to purchase (despite no information anywhere for the exclusion of a lefse grill) and b.] sending their business to the internet market. No wonder all our local shops are going out of business in Loveland.

I suppose this means I'm in the market for a lefse grill.

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