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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spread the Word!

Today is finally the day! We are SO excited that we have this opportunity to be the featured family on Give1Save1 this week. Give1Save1 is a website created by fellow adoptive momma Beth Cupitt who thought up this crazy awesome idea. If 30,000 all gave $1, her adoption could be fully funded. How fantastic is that idea? Beth has so graciously allowed us to be apart of her new vision.

What can you do? You can help us bring our daughter home. By donating $1 (or more) at Give1Save1, you are helping us fulfill God's calling for this time in our lives. Our daughter is living in an orphanage in Ethiopia which is most times more than my heart can bear to handle. We are SO grateful to all of you, those in a position to donate, and those of you that just aren't. We would also appreciate a few more things...

1. Prayer for our adoption; that God will cover our family, including our daughter, with protection during this really difficult journey.
2. Spread the word! We believe the more people that have an opportunity to hear our story, the closer we will be to bringing our girl home.

We'll be spending this week introducing ourselves more...our love story, our quirky tendencies and other things you never knew about us. THANK you for taking time to check us out and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!
Head on over to Give 1 Save 1


  1. I donated and I shared. Good luck Nick and Kelly. Let's get your daughter to her loving home with you and Duke the Wonder Dog.

  2. The give 1 save 1 program is such an awesome idea! I cannot wait to see you holding your daughter in your arms!