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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tree chopping and drumroll please!

Nick and I have an annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. We used to go to a tree lot and pick a nice, full tree...until the price tag for that tree was just as full, spawning a new tradition that began last year. Living in the amazing state we do, we buy a $12 permit and then start our hike into the forest until the skies open and angels sing down on the perfect tree. Okay, it's not quite that simple. In fact, we come up with many 'maybe' trees, that once we walk away from, we can't locate again to give it a second look. I've learned most likely, once you start to walk away, that tree is a distant memory. We got a later start than normal and although we spent about 3 hours last year tracking the perfect tree, we only had about an hour and a half until the sun would be setting (which is early around here these days) and a light snow storm was rolling in. A few maybes and 45 minutes into our searching, we found THE ONE. Although last year, our first year transitioning from tree lot people to cut your own from the forest people, I felt a little like we had settled for a Charlie Brown tree, this year it has grown on me a lot more.

The forest where we cut down our tree

Taking a break from searching
Tree hugging Nick, claiming our tree!

My husband is strong. And handy.

All packed up and ready to head home!

Once we finish decorating the tree, we'll show you some pictures to enjoy! AND...Nick and I have something REALLY cool going on starting tomorrow. Stay tuned for details that we'll share tomorrow (Sunday) evening! You can even start the drum roll now! :)

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  1. So now you are like us! We have been experiencing tree-cutting adventures for 17 years now with year 18 looming. It's fun, isn't it? Can't wait to see the decorated version.