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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Fun

When you're hanging out in your comfy chair with the day off from work, and you look out the window to see your neighbor with their kids having all kinds of Thanksgiving Day good times you realize how much fun it is to live across the street from a playground. In the name of research and safety for our soon-to-be adopted daughter I (Nick) decided to join my neighbors.
Weird...I remember this being bigger...20 years ago
First I thought I should test the weight limit of the swing set. This one was good to go while I was just sitting there so why not try and put a little motion into it? I can honestly say there was some surprise at how much height you can get in just a couple swings. Surprise and of course that little twinge of, "should I be doing this?" Luckily my buddy Brian was there to take my mind of such a silly question by letting me know that he and his brother had just finished seeing how far they could launch themselves. He drew a line in the mulch that seemed far, but reachable. That is, until I tried my first launch.
I think I was in the air for 10 seconds before this picture was taken :)
My mistake was in thinking I needed to get really high in order to go farther. All that did was give me time to regret my decision before I hit the ground well short of the goal. Tries #2, 3, 4 and so on were equally hilarious for everyone involved. Let's just say I felt like a big kid again and the marked goal in the mulch was NEVER in danger. Maybe I need to work on my technique a little bit, or maybe we should just change the game to who can jump the highest off the swing set! Hey, I'm off work tomorrow too! Rematch!
Perfect form!
Is there an age limit for this toy?
It is truly great to be around friends and family on Thanksgiving. Kelly and I spent most of the day cooking and having fun in the kitchen. We caught up with family on the phone and wish we could be in more than one place at once, but we know they are having a great time with each other back in Ohio. Kelly and I are so thankful for each other and for our family. We are also thankful for so many of you who are taking time to read this blog and who are making such a great effort to keep up with us and our story. We are looking forward to some great fundraising opportunities so stay tuned! Until then...does anybody know how to go REALLY far when jumping off a swing set??
Happy Thanksgiving!

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